Baby Bug Baby Burp Cloth and Bib

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What an absolutely adorable set or individual pieces! And you will be hard pressed to find a softer material for optimal comfort. The image is dyed in to the material so not only can the image not be felt you can rest assured that it will never peel, crack or scratch the baby. Did I mention how soft these are? Here are the dimensions and material for each:

Burp Cloth-This burp cloth measures 10″ x 20″ and features a peanut shape for a comfortable fit on a shoulder and edges finished with binding. It’s made from ultra-smooth sheared micro velour polyester and reverses to 100% cotton terry loops. Edges are finished with binding.

Bib-Subli-Soft Baby Bib with Hook-N-Loop closure. Made of 100% ultra-smooth Sheared Micro Velour polyester that reverses to 100% cotton terry loops. Measures 10″ x 13″. Edges are finished with binding.

Disclaimer: colors of product may vary slightly from images due to different monitor settings. Mock up was used for the first image.