Baby Milestone Board, Boy

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Loving this growth milestone board photo prop!  The entire image, including the faux wood frame, is dyed into a whiteboard.  This means that after use simply wipe the board off even using a cleaner spray if you like.  No need to worry about carefully wiping each individual section or always keeping it dry or it eventually peeling off.  With dye sublimation this board will look great use after use.  We can permanently customize with the child's name dyed in to the top or leave blank for use with mulitple kids.  If you would like the name dyed in please be sure to tell us the name when ordering as any delay in doing so could cause a delay in production and therefore possibly in shipping to you.  And for an added bonus you can customize it even further (still at no extra charge) by changing the teddy bear to a different toy or renaming any of the titles in each box to something more personal for that child.
This finished hardboard measures 8.3" x 10" including the frame which is actually part of the image.
Disclaimer: due to differences in monitor settings the color tones may vary slightly from actual item.  Mock ups may have been used in some of the listing photos.