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Some times it all comes down to the small details that set you apart from your competitors to help you land that contract or sale. This custom stainless steel business card holder tells that potential client how serious you are. Just send us an image that you would like to represent you and we will dye that image directly in to an aluminum plate that is then secured in an inlay of the case cover. The image can be whatever you like such as your logo, your name, your business card or just of a cool design, nature or even space. However, it can not be an image that you do not own the rights to use such as a professional team. And because the image is dyed in to the aluminum (literally) you never need to worry about it scratching or peeling off from use.

Each card holder measures 3.625" x 2.25" x .3125" and holds up to 15 standard size business cards

Disclaimer: colors of actual product may vary slightly from pictures due to variances in monitor settings. Some pictures may use a mock up of finished product. Customer bears full responsibility of obtaining copyrights to any image they use if it is not their own personal image.