Custom Trailer Hitch Cover and License Plate Frame

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What a great way to show off your support for your local school, team, club or organization. Also makes for a fun way to advertise your business or to just add a personal touch to your vehicle as you drive around town. For instance, place an image or logo on the trailer hitch cover to get someone's attention. Then put your company name on the top of the license plate frame and your contact info along the bottom for them to see right above the hitch cover. Or place your club team / high school mascot logo on the trailer hitch and name on the license frame. So many combination options. The image is dyed directly in to the plate and frame so will never have to worry about it cracking or peeling off.

Each aluminum plate is 4.625" x 3.313" with a 1/8" black border around it. The plug assembly is made of a heavy duty plastic resin that will fit in most all standard 2" hitch packages. The frame is all aluminum and measures 12-1/4" by 6-1/2" on the outside edges.

Remember, when placing the order to go to the comment section. There, please describe the best you can what you would like the finished items to look like. Such as wording, color of wording, color of background, images (attach an image if you have one you would like used), font style or general type of font style. We will then take all this information to create a mock up to send to you. Look it over and let us know if you would like any changes to be made. Once you ok the final design we will get right to work making just the right personalized trailer hitch cover / license plate frame combo set for you.

Disclaimer: can not use copyright images unless the BUYER can provide proof of copyright ownership or copyright permission as it is the BUYERS responsibility and be liable. Image is not UV treated so may fade over time if left in direct sun light for a long period of time or you do not apply a treatment. This item does NOT come with a pin. Some images shown in the pictures are mock ups.