Love Teacher Life Water Bottle

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Teachers are amazing people doing extraordinary work especially in this day and age. To keep them at the peak of their game it is a must that they stay hydrated. This top of the line double walled insulated 30 ounce metal water bottle is just the thing for doing that. Not only because of how sturdy the bottle itself is but also because of the flip down/up straw to keep their drink inside even if it was to tip over. This feature also helps increase the safety of the teacher from airborne particles falling inside their drink. This fun image is NOT a sticker, label or printed on but rather it is dyed in to the metal itself to help ensure it looks just as bright and vibrant after years of use. And if all of this was not enough for you how about taking it up yet another notch? Personalize it with their name on it. Just click that you would like it customized and tell us the name in the comment section. That easy and at no extra cost.

Disclaimer: colors may vary slightly from pictures due to variances in monitor settings. Some images used in the listing could be mock ups. Due to the personal hygiene associated with this product absolutely no returns allowed.