Flowers and Jars Glass Cutting Board

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Such a beautiful piece done on a durable sheet of tempered glass. Add a little personal touch by adding a name across the board. Would not only look great in the kitchen but as a stand alone piece of décor in just about any room of the house sitting in a stand on a table or shelf.

The entire image is dyed directly into the underside of the tempered glass so never need to worry about it peeling as no vinyl or paint is used. This also protects your food from ever touching the ink as well as keeping the image looking brand new for the life of the board. And at 10.75" x 7.75" x 0.188" they are the perfect size for slicing and dicing in just about any size kitchen but not going to take up valuable counter space when being stored. This size also makes the cutting board a great accent piece in the kitchen. The rippled glass cutting board comes with rounded edges and corners for a smooth finish all around. Each board will come with four self adhesive rubber feet applied on the bottom to help hold the board in place while being used. These rubber feet also help remind you which side is up as the image is dyed on to the bottom and may be scratched with sharp cutting utensils.

And while these cutting boards are dishwasher safe we recommend hand washing for maximum life of the image. If you would like to display this beautiful board on your countertop or table when not in use you can use most standard tripods made for pictures or for an additional add on you may purchase a set of two "feet" (see drop down for pricing).

Disclaimer: this listing is for the cutting board and optional acrylic display stand only. Any other items seen in the pictures are for prop purposes only. Colors may vary sligh