Personalized Wooden Phone Stand

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What a great way to bring some personal flavor to your work area. Just send us a picture of someone or something that brings a smile to your face, helps relax you when stressed or simply to show off to anyone that walks by and we will permanently dye that image in to the wooden stand. You can purchase the phone or large tablet stand individually or together as a set. If purchasing as a set you can use a different image on the two pieces, just tell us in the comments if you have a preference of which picture you would like on which stand. Both stands are made from natural wood. And since the image is dyed in to the wood this means you never need to worry about the image cracking or peeling off of the stand as it is not on the wood but rather inside the wood. This also makes for easy clean up with a swipe of a rag.

The standard phone stand is 3.6" x 7.1" while the large stand measures 4.6" x 8.5". Both stands are approximately 0.18" thick with the image on the front side and a black back side. Their is a half circular cut out at the bottom of the ledge piece which allows for a cord to be plugged in to the bottom of your phone/tablet allowing it to charge while on the stand. The finished item will arrive to you laying flat as two separate pieces. Simply slide the smaller piece in to the opening of the larger piece to assemble. This also makes it really easy for you to disassemble, slide it in to your bag and take it with you on the go. Buy both as a set for an even greater bargain.

Disclaimer: color of finished item may vary slightly from pictures due to variances in monitor settings. Some pictures in listing may have used a mock up of finished piece.