Stocking Christmas Ornament, Two Sided

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This fun two sided Benelux shaped ornament will make for a great keepsake ornament for many years and even generations to come.  Not only are you able to personalize it with your family name across the back side but also by how many stockings you would like to hang from its fireplace mantel.  You can also choose the look/pattern of the stocking(s) from our list in the pictures.  Make them all the same or mix and match to your pleasure.  And then to top off the personalization, if you would like us to we can even put a first name on the mantel above each stocking or list them on the backside around the last name and year.  If you prefer no first names that's ok as this piece will still look amazing.  The images are dyed directly in to the gloss finished aluminum so never need to worry about peeling or cracking.  This 2.76" x 3.95" ornament also comes with a ribbon so ready to hang the moment it arrives.
When you order just please go to the comment section and tell us:
  1. The last name you would like on the back side.
  2. Which stocking pattern(s) you would like from the options in picture #3.  You can choose one pattern for all or mix and match with two or more up to however many stockings you have requested to be hung.  You can also tell us to surprise you and pick for you.
  3. You do not need to have first names placed on the ornament but if you do please list the names and whether you would like them placed on the mantel or on the back side.
Disclaimer - due to difference in monitor settings colors may vary slightly from actual piece.  If you choose to have first names on the ornament whether on the mantel or back side we may need to reduce the font size on these names if there are many and or long names to get them to fit possibly making them unreadable if too small.